It’s happening… the January rush for change!! Liberty Apartments wants you to know that we are here for you! Whether you’re looking to get into shape, get yourself organized or find more opportunities to give back to the community, we’ve got you covered!

Come spend some time on our treadmills, elipticals and bikes in the 24 hour access top notch Fitness Centers located at all three properties!

Brigham Young University Off Campus Housing Fitness Center

Getting your life more organized? How about a trip to the laundry room to finally clear up that chair you pile up all of your clothes hahahahahaaaaa you know what I’m talking about…. Hey maybe you could even use it as an opportunity to give back!! Closet clean-outs are popular this time of year, so maybe you can take a load of laundry to the D.I.!

OH and speaking of giving back, we’re hosting a blood drive this month!! It’ll be Saturday, January 28th from 10-4pm! Stay tuned for more details on sign ups and maybe even….. FREE RENT!!!

Happy New Years everyone!!