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Thanksgiving is coming in hot everyone! So in case you aren’t prepared for the question to get to you around the dinner table, here are at least 5 things for you to tell grandma you’re grateful for.

They’re putting concrete in the Square hot tub!



This is a huge step towards completion people! That means that once this concrete dries, it’s just a few more weeks of tiling and other important hot tub things until you can enjoy the steam of the spa!

There are fire pits going in at Freedom and Eighth!


Yes, it is a fire pit next to the pool! And yes, you may use it. Come check out the key from the office!

Fire pits are extremely important, especially in the fall and winter. We’re breaking ground to get two more set up at Liberty on Eighth and Liberty on Freedom so everyone can experience the warmth and the s’mores!!

There are sweet study rooms and a pool/ping pong table at Eighth!



For when your roommates are having a Harry Potter movie marathon but your O-Chem test is tomorrow, Liberty on Eighth has a set of study rooms for your personal studying and for group study sessions too! Be sure to check them out!!

The clubhouses at all three properties are super cool and I can reserve them whenever I want for cool parties!



Just walk right into the office and tell them a date and time. The room is yours! Equipped with different amenities like a massive TV, a kitchen, a pool table, and comfy couches!!

My apartment complex has a free gym with weights and treadmills and everything, so I can work off this whole dinner when I get back to school!!!!!




We’re gonna miss a lot of you over the holidays, and we know you’ll be coming back stuffed to the brim, but if you come back and kick yourself into high gear for finals, you’ll be able to gorge yourself again during winter break 😉 Be sure to hit up the gyms with free weight racks, treadmills and more!! #WeKnowHowItGoes

Happy November!!