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The day has officially arrived! Whatever your plans are for date night, be sure to impress them with a totally epic dance party at the end!! In case you missed it, the party will be from 9pm to 12am in the Liberty Square gym! We’ll be able to hear from our own awesome residents, DJ Cool Pool (Russell Watkins) and DJ Commander&Chief (Vaihiarii Taua)!! If you haven’t heard of them, be sure to check them out on Instagram @synthb0y and @commanderandchiefdj.

Important side notes:

  1. Make sure cleaning checks go by smoothly this Saturday. Checking will begin at 10am so be ready and be aware of the fees that will be applied if your cleaning assignment is not completed. Even if you moved out yesterday, you still need to have made arrangements for your cleaning assignment!!!
  2. Parking pass sign-up is going to begin soon! It’s on a first-come first-serve basis, so be on the look out for the email so you don’t get left out on the street!
  3. Something about the summer heat makes people do crazy things, so this last note is just a reminder that whatever you do for fun this season, make sure to keep it legal, put on sunscreen, and stay safe!!

We love our residents, and we’ll see you all at the dance party tonight!!