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Some of the best college memories are shared with friends. However, it can be scary to start fresh after leaving behind the people you know and love at home. You may not know where to start when it comes to making new friends. That’s why we included some tips below so you can get an idea of where to expand your social circle!


When moving into BYU student living, your roommates can become some of your greatest friends. Since you’re already spending a lot of time together, it won’t be long before you grow close. You might encounter some roommates that are difficult to live with. In order to maximize your chances of finding ideal roommates and potential friends, take advantage of roommate matching. When signing a lease, you will often be asked questions about what kind of roommates you prefer. You will then be matched with residents who answered similarly. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to live with your friends. 


There are many opportunities to befriend your neighbors at off campus housing in Provo. Student housing offers a variety of community amenities to share with your neighbors. Whether it’s cooling off at the swimming pool, lounging at the hot tub, balling it up at the basketball court, working out at the fitness center, or playing games in the clubhouse, there are plenty of places to meet other residents. 


Outside of BYU student living, you’ll meet people in your classes. Consider forming or joining a study group. As you spend more time with your classmates, you may decide you want to spend time together outside of class. Many friendships result from merely sharing a class. 

Social Events

Put yourself out there by attending one of the several social events hosted by BYU or off campus housing in Provo. At these social events you’ll meet a variety of people also looking to build friendships. Be sure to make an effort to introduce yourself and interact with the other attendees. Social events happen throughout the year, especially close to holidays. What are you waiting for? Find your group of friends!

These are just a few tips you can follow in order to create lasting friendships. Make the most of your college experience so you can leave with fond memories with your friends!